Sunday, 9 October 2016

Buying Maine Oceanfront Real Estate Property

Maine is a star-studded destination for new home buyers from different parts of the country and abroad. Thanks to its magical geography and long shoreline, the state greatly appeals to property buyers who are zeroed in on Maine’s waterfront real estate properties.

Here are some things to consider

For all the reasons, Maine oceanfront properties are generally the most expensive in the state.  Also generally, speaking the prices are more reasonable further down the east. You also need to look at the taxes.  Oceanfront property is often assessed at a higher rate.  Maine Companion can help you with the broader decisions before it seeks out an agent for you.

Some popular localities as you begin your search

Bar Harbor, Belfast, Camden, Rockport, Rockland, Boothbay, Freeport, Falmouth, Portland, South Portland, Ogunquit, Wells and Kittery.  There are, of course, countless others.   Indeed, with over150 different waterfront localities to choose from, buyers have a range of options and prices from a few hundred thousand dollars to prices in the millions.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Condos in Maine: The Growing Trend for Millenials

Millenials are helping to change the real estate landscape in Maine and elsewhere. Many see the cost advantages to purchasing these products, lower overhead, less maintenance and often the opportunity to live in a mini-community where kids can play and adults can interact.  Maine is also attractive to millennials by virtue of the outdoor life that can be lived here; the serene shorelines, unobstructed green trails, lakes, all suited to hiking, kayaking, biking, even skiing and lots more.

Many reasons why living in a condo or smaller home is ideal.

Maine condos are cost-effective.

They are economical and more energy efficient.  In managed communities, the maintenance and often some part of the insurance is covered by the homeowner fees, that means fewer homeowner obligations and more time for fun.  Often, those who make Maine a summer residence will lease their units during the winter to generate an income.

When you search Maine real estate on Maine Companion, you’ll find Condos available in picturesque localities in Augusta, Bangor, Bar Harbor, Camden, Portland offering the variety of choices, styles, and amenities. I am sure one  will fit your budget.

More connectivity.

Shared green space, pools, and community centers; all promote social interaction.  Whether its Portland, Augusta, Bar Harbor, Belfast, Camden, Bangor or other towns, mini-communities are   given within the residential complex.


Most mini-communities tend to provide higher levels of security.  Neighbors are close-by.  Management is attuned.Turn your choice into a remarkably safe bet by considering a condo,  Maine Companion, and your agent will help you find the right one.