Thursday, 23 February 2017

Here Are Important Things You Should Consider While You Think Of Real Estate Investing

Real Estate is considered as one of the best areas for investment. Real estate has its own reasons for that. It is an area where there are the minimum chances of losing out on your money or ever going through the losses. When you invest in a property, wherever it be, there are certain things that you must keep in mind like the location, the leverage, the locality, lease options, long-term returns etc.

Out of all the above, location is the most important thing that you must pay enough attention to. The location of the property should be worthy enough of giving you appropriate amount of outputs lifetime. If you choose a property that already has complete development around it, the prices of the property you have invested in, might not show a drastic rise in the coming years. Moreover, it would cost you a lot at the time of investment. 

So, it is recommended to invest in a property that has a semi-developed neighborhood. This is because as and when the neighborhood would develop, along with it the prices of the property will also increase. And in case you’ll sell it off after a few years, it will give you huge returns. And now, if you are looking for a property to invest, here is one perfect for you. How? Read and know yourself. 

This is an incredible house located at 98, Swan Lake, Belfast, ME, Northern Ireland. Always dream of living here, didn’t you?  Well, this could be your golden chance. This house has a total of nine rooms with heat systems, extra basements, carpet floors and pitched and shingle roof.  On top of that, this house spread in 176 acres has a garage, public water supply, sewerage and 24-hour electricity supply. Not just this, it has been surveyed, has major road access, water frontage, and GPA zoning. This is one among the best houses for sale Belfast ME has. Well, you sure would not like to miss on that. Right? 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Ever Wanted To Buy A Dream House In Belfast? Here's One You Could Afford

Northern Ireland is one of the most ideal places to live in the world. This place has a wonderful surrounding, and is a wonderful tourist place during the summers. Are you among the one who has always wanted to buy a house in Northern Ireland but never have been able to step further towards your dream, because you could not afford them? If this is one among you, here’s something you could. 

Northern Ireland, one of the best place, and one of the most preferred by people around the world for the living is none other than the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast. Let us tell you about a Belfast Maine Homes For Sale that not only has a wonderful view but also is equally amazing to live. 

The property is located at 1, Waters Edge, LN, Belfast. This is a waterfront home, with a panoramic view of the Penobscot Bay. At this property, which is perfect for a single family, you would experience unforgettable and mesmerizing sunrises from the master suite it has. Getting into the details. It has marble flooring, heated sunroom with attached lighthouse. The creatively unique kitchen will leave you jaw-dropped. The property comprises of five bedrooms, six bathrooms, two suites, formal dining room, and a kitchen with convenient work area. 

Talking about the extra amenities that the owner would be able to enjoy, includes glassed-in porch, fence, bathtub, deck, walk-in closet, patio, storage, multi-zone hot water heat systems, and a basement. Apart from these, there are several appliances that are included, like the dishwasher, the dryer, microwave, etc. 

Moreover, do not worry about the daily supplies. Everything at this property has been well taken care of like the public water supply, public sewer, 24 hours’ electricity, etc. Apart from this, the property, built in 1990, also has a garage, and nearby shopping centers, hospitals, and elementary and high schools. What more could you have asked for in your dream home? 

Look for the listings and buy the property before you miss out this incredible change to live in your dream city. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Selling A House: 6 Things No Real Estate Agent Can Help You Out With

No home buyer likes a house that smells like a shanty. No matter which part of the neighborhood the property belongs to, there is always a high expectation from the listed Camden Maine Real Estate unit. 

But, there are 6 things that even top real estate agents can help you out with. Read on.

1. Creepy corridors

If your house looks like a recreation of the “Haunted” or “Scream” series, it may not cut the mark with top real estate agents. Poorly lit houses sell at 30% lower rates than the regular market rates. However, things can be improved if you manage to turn the creepiness out of the space.

2. Bathroom that stinks like sewer

Bathrooms require regular de-clogging and cleaning. If you can’t make out the color of the floor and the walls, it is obvious that the house is not ready to go under the hammer as yet. Flooded bathroom, algae growing in the corners and flaking walls reflect the condition of the house. Not good! 

3. Kitchen with oil and grease lined on the countertop

Kitchen countertop witnesses the most gruesome activities in the house. It is subjected to hot water spills, heavy droppings and knife scratches. While it is obvious that the kitchen is not a pretty sight to manage at the end of the day, but that’s exactly what top Bar Harbor ME Real estate agents want the home sellers to do.

4. Leaking sinks and faucets

Plumbing is a major issue that most home sellers find hard to tackle during their stay. Imagine the trouble the buyer has to face. That’s why best Camden ME real estate agents prefer to make a checklist of the plumbing issues riddling the house before listing the house on their website and portfolio. 

5. Old and smelly HVAC system 

To start with, Maine is one of the coldest states in the US. Buyers looking for new home in the region expect the house to feature high-quality HVAC installation with scope for maintenance and repair. However, there can’t be any major change to the wiring layouts, ductwork and outlet systems. This makes the real estate agents stay away from sellers with poor HVAC installations that smell bad.

6. Broken roof and garage 

Real estate agents stay away from the houses that have a broken roof. Depending on the age of the house, the roof may be fixed but it is a costly business. If the house seller intends to sell the house with a broken roof immediately, the margin of profit from the sale is highly very low. 

Top Camden ME real estate agencies help the sellers find the best buyers in the region looking for instant deals. However, the role of the real estate agencies is not limited to just finding you the buyers but goes way forward. One of the most important roles that agents play in Maine is turning your average property into a trendy saleable unit in a matter of weeks, if not days.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

5 Things To Ask Your Agent Before Buying A Home in Augusta Maine

To deal with the ever-growing real estate market, buyers and sellers of the property have to be at their best when it comes to awareness and cunningness. How to gain massive traction in a sector where trends and reputation matter a lot? 

To make things easy for you, we bring you 5 ‘clever’ things to ask your Augusta Maine Real Estate agents before buying a house.

1. Why is the house owner selling?

Most prospective Augusta, Maine Real Estate buyers fail to ask this question due to fear of being embarrassed. However, you might always seek cues from the agent on what are the possible reasons for the current seller to come to a situation where he/she has to sell the property. If the real estate agent is reluctant to answer, don’t worry. You can do a little research yourself. The neighborhood around the property is the best place to start with.

2. Is there something the buyer would like to say about the house related to its history or background?

Ask the agent if the house was ever affected by a flood, earthquake, fire or any other calamity or instance in the past. It makes things easy to manage when the buyer actually starts living in the house.

Augusta ME Real Estate agents have to deal with many sellers who have properties in flood plains. Such properties attract buyers from all parts of the country as they are cheap and readily available. Ideal for the tourist vacation homes, these properties can be a ‘trouble’ as well, especially if the area has not submerged under water in last few years. 

3. Is the house/ neighborhood haunted?

Maine is a great place to live. However, many families stick to the city areas in Maine where houses are stacked close to each other. In distant parts of the country, the closest house around the property could be n a radius of 3 miles or more! 

Seek information on the neighborhood of the property. Are there any instances of crime or haunted experiences in the past? 

4. What are the parts of the house that are on sale?

Asking this question can save you from obvious trouble later on. The garden that you see in the front may look attractive to you. What if, the area is not for sale! And how about that lovely garage shed and the anchorage on the lake? Are they part of the sale? Sit with the Portland ME real estate agency and it to make a list of things that the buyer is offering on paper. 

5. How old is the house?

Know the facts and you will know how many owners the house had in the past. Make sure the names are mentioned in the land documents related to the property. Contact each of them to make thing clear before buying. 

Best thing to do is get a real estate agent do it for you. Not only is it effective but also time-saving and smart. However, it all depends on the kind of ‘clever’ questions you ask the agent.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Top 3 Pointers To Consider Before Buying A House In Portland Maine

Real Estate Portland Maine segment is undoubtedly the most prolific and rapidly rising business market in the USA. Each year, hundreds of new builders and developers launch new projects to cater to the new house buyers; selling the significant number of new homes, especially in areas that are close to the state highways and in Northern Maine. 

However, if you are still vouching for a house in Maine, here are 3 major aspects to be considered to get the best as per your choice.

1. Maine home insurance could be costly and complicated:

Most homeowners acknowledge the fact that Maine State offers the lowest premium rate in the USA. However, price-effective insurance won’t do fair justice to the kind of property you are planning to buy near the lakeside. Getting into the lakeside properties segment in Maine is a risky thing, as home insurance is very costly compared to that available in other states.

Coverage options for lakeside properties include many more options apart from personal property and liability insurance. In case, you are displaced due to flood in the lake, you can avail additional living expenses from Home Protection package. 

Installing extra security systems is definitely an overhead that neutralizes the benefit of low premium rates in Maine. Overall, Portland ME Real Estate agents recommend you get a house that has all security systems installed, first-hand to avoid the hassle.

2. Is the house a tourist outing?

There are lakeside associations to control the activity that goes in and around the lake. If you are planning to buy the house in Maine for tourist purposes, catering to their boarding and lodging, apart from adventure sports and trekking is highly recommended. For this, you need to first approach the locality chairman or town office. 

There are strict restrictions on lakeside activities, especially related to fishing, hunting, camping and voyeur parties. If the house you are buying had a dark reputation in the past, chances are high that you will have to pay high prices for it in the future to the local administration for sure. 

3. Talk to the neighbors

Unlike in Florida or in Las Vegas, where neighbors are separated by a fence and a garden, Maine houses are distant from each other. Though you enjoy the privacy of idle life, it is always good to talk to your probable neighbors before putting your money on the paper. 

What to talk?

Start with the best things around the place, and how long has it been since they moved in. Don’t forget to ask about the doorstep services like grocery, milk, and newspaper, just in case you don’t want to miss out on your high city living in Maine. Learn about the weather, the locals and the security issues, if any, and how they have ensured that their house is safe. It will help you plan beforehand, and talk to the Portland ME Real Estate agent on those lines.
Thanks to Portland ME Real Estate’s clear guidelines, the Maine houses close to lakes and beach fronts continue to appreciate in prices and stature.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Top 4 Things To Look For While Buying A House In Camden Maine’s Top Localities

Are you all set to make your first purchase in real estate? Maine, undoubtedly, has grown to become one of the best destinations in the USA. Lakeside condos, beach villas, and city apartments, one could get all here. Camden ME Real Estate is full of exclusive housing options, with reasonable expectations in term of price appreciation in coming years. Maine reflects the power of increasing purchasing capabilities, evidently reflected through the choices that most buyers are making. More than 40% of Maine residents have two or more houses in the region, one of these homes are reserved as seasonal pads. However, buying is easy, maintaining is hard. At least, that’s what most Maine buyers acknowledge.

Here are 4 simple tips to tap the growing love for Camden Maine homes, and buy a property with best returns.

1. Focus on the locality:

Cleanliness is the biggest factor behind why most buyers choose Maine, as their base. However, city dwellers, as expected, suffer the ordeal of garbage, and littered packets during the mornings. Similarly, lakeside property owners face the ordeal of the post-vacation garbage slurry accumulating on the banks. You must ensure that the locality has a proper cleanliness management system, run by associations. It’s not just the inside of your new house that should sparkle, but also the area around it.

2. Modular kitchen and bedrooms:

In Camden, ME Real Estate, it is a standard option for most buyers to put their money into a property that has an area of about 2500 square feet. However, these houses have small bedrooms, modular kitchens, and attached bathrooms. If you are used to living in big bedrooms, you might have to tweak the planning a little. 

3. Embrace Solar:

The eco-friendly homes in Maine are a big hit. Most houses, old and new alike, are laced with solar panels to supply energy for electricity, heating water, and even cooking. Solar homes, as they are called in Maine, might cost a little extra, as part of the initial investment, you are going to save a lot more in the coming years for sure. 

Another reason, Camden, ME Real Estate agents recommend buying a solar house, is its tax exemption benefits. Owners who have solar energy heating systems can earn up to 30% uncapped federal tax credit; apart from winning solar incentives and rebates. Maine’s Home Energy Loans are very popular funding solutions, aiding buyers to utilize the opportunity lucratively.

4. Painting and exterior:

The first thing that a buyer will see in the house is painting and the quality of exterior. If the paint is peeling, and evident cracks show up like vines, it is not worth a look. Best Boothbay, ME real estate advisors work extra hard on ensuring that the house looks clean, beautiful and presentable. In case, you do see that the house has been painted recently, always enquire the last time it was done. 

Instead of buying an old single house, pick a new construction offered in the suburban areas. You can customize the whole interior depending on your needs. Plus, you get a house with modular settings. 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Buying Maine Oceanfront Real Estate Property

Maine is a star-studded destination for new home buyers from different parts of the country and abroad. Thanks to its magical geography and long shoreline, the state greatly appeals to property buyers who are zeroed in on Maine’s waterfront real estate properties.

Here are some things to consider

For all the reasons, Maine oceanfront properties are generally the most expensive in the state.  Also generally, speaking the prices are more reasonable further down the east. You also need to look at the taxes.  Oceanfront property is often assessed at a higher rate.  Maine Companion can help you with the broader decisions before it seeks out an agent for you.

Some popular localities as you begin your search

Bar Harbor, Belfast, Camden, Rockport, Rockland, Boothbay, Freeport, Falmouth, Portland, South Portland, Ogunquit, Wells and Kittery.  There are, of course, countless others.   Indeed, with over150 different waterfront localities to choose from, buyers have a range of options and prices from a few hundred thousand dollars to prices in the millions.