Monday, 5 December 2016

Top 3 Pointers To Consider Before Buying A House In Portland Maine

Real Estate Portland Maine segment is undoubtedly the most prolific and rapidly rising business market in the USA. Each year, hundreds of new builders and developers launch new projects to cater to the new house buyers; selling the significant number of new homes, especially in areas that are close to the state highways and in Northern Maine. 

However, if you are still vouching for a house in Maine, here are 3 major aspects to be considered to get the best as per your choice.

1. Maine home insurance could be costly and complicated:

Most homeowners acknowledge the fact that Maine State offers the lowest premium rate in the USA. However, price-effective insurance won’t do fair justice to the kind of property you are planning to buy near the lakeside. Getting into the lakeside properties segment in Maine is a risky thing, as home insurance is very costly compared to that available in other states.

Coverage options for lakeside properties include many more options apart from personal property and liability insurance. In case, you are displaced due to flood in the lake, you can avail additional living expenses from Home Protection package. 

Installing extra security systems is definitely an overhead that neutralizes the benefit of low premium rates in Maine. Overall, Portland ME Real Estate agents recommend you get a house that has all security systems installed, first-hand to avoid the hassle.

2. Is the house a tourist outing?

There are lakeside associations to control the activity that goes in and around the lake. If you are planning to buy the house in Maine for tourist purposes, catering to their boarding and lodging, apart from adventure sports and trekking is highly recommended. For this, you need to first approach the locality chairman or town office. 

There are strict restrictions on lakeside activities, especially related to fishing, hunting, camping and voyeur parties. If the house you are buying had a dark reputation in the past, chances are high that you will have to pay high prices for it in the future to the local administration for sure. 

3. Talk to the neighbors

Unlike in Florida or in Las Vegas, where neighbors are separated by a fence and a garden, Maine houses are distant from each other. Though you enjoy the privacy of idle life, it is always good to talk to your probable neighbors before putting your money on the paper. 

What to talk?

Start with the best things around the place, and how long has it been since they moved in. Don’t forget to ask about the doorstep services like grocery, milk, and newspaper, just in case you don’t want to miss out on your high city living in Maine. Learn about the weather, the locals and the security issues, if any, and how they have ensured that their house is safe. It will help you plan beforehand, and talk to the Portland ME Real Estate agent on those lines.
Thanks to Portland ME Real Estate’s clear guidelines, the Maine houses close to lakes and beach fronts continue to appreciate in prices and stature.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Top 4 Things To Look For While Buying A House In Camden Maine’s Top Localities

Are you all set to make your first purchase in real estate? Maine, undoubtedly, has grown to become one of the best destinations in the USA. Lakeside condos, beach villas, and city apartments, one could get all here. Camden ME Real Estate is full of exclusive housing options, with reasonable expectations in term of price appreciation in coming years. Maine reflects the power of increasing purchasing capabilities, evidently reflected through the choices that most buyers are making. More than 40% of Maine residents have two or more houses in the region, one of these homes are reserved as seasonal pads. However, buying is easy, maintaining is hard. At least, that’s what most Maine buyers acknowledge.

Here are 4 simple tips to tap the growing love for Camden Maine homes, and buy a property with best returns.

1. Focus on the locality:

Cleanliness is the biggest factor behind why most buyers choose Maine, as their base. However, city dwellers, as expected, suffer the ordeal of garbage, and littered packets during the mornings. Similarly, lakeside property owners face the ordeal of the post-vacation garbage slurry accumulating on the banks. You must ensure that the locality has a proper cleanliness management system, run by associations. It’s not just the inside of your new house that should sparkle, but also the area around it.

2. Modular kitchen and bedrooms:

In Camden, ME Real Estate, it is a standard option for most buyers to put their money into a property that has an area of about 2500 square feet. However, these houses have small bedrooms, modular kitchens, and attached bathrooms. If you are used to living in big bedrooms, you might have to tweak the planning a little. 

3. Embrace Solar:

The eco-friendly homes in Maine are a big hit. Most houses, old and new alike, are laced with solar panels to supply energy for electricity, heating water, and even cooking. Solar homes, as they are called in Maine, might cost a little extra, as part of the initial investment, you are going to save a lot more in the coming years for sure. 

Another reason, Camden, ME Real Estate agents recommend buying a solar house, is its tax exemption benefits. Owners who have solar energy heating systems can earn up to 30% uncapped federal tax credit; apart from winning solar incentives and rebates. Maine’s Home Energy Loans are very popular funding solutions, aiding buyers to utilize the opportunity lucratively.

4. Painting and exterior:

The first thing that a buyer will see in the house is painting and the quality of exterior. If the paint is peeling, and evident cracks show up like vines, it is not worth a look. Best Boothbay, ME real estate advisors work extra hard on ensuring that the house looks clean, beautiful and presentable. In case, you do see that the house has been painted recently, always enquire the last time it was done. 

Instead of buying an old single house, pick a new construction offered in the suburban areas. You can customize the whole interior depending on your needs. Plus, you get a house with modular settings. 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Buying Maine Oceanfront Real Estate Property

Maine is a star-studded destination for new home buyers from different parts of the country and abroad. Thanks to its magical geography and long shoreline, the state greatly appeals to property buyers who are zeroed in on Maine’s waterfront real estate properties.

Here are some things to consider

For all the reasons, Maine oceanfront properties are generally the most expensive in the state.  Also generally, speaking the prices are more reasonable further down the east. You also need to look at the taxes.  Oceanfront property is often assessed at a higher rate.  Maine Companion can help you with the broader decisions before it seeks out an agent for you.

Some popular localities as you begin your search

Bar Harbor, Belfast, Camden, Rockport, Rockland, Boothbay, Freeport, Falmouth, Portland, South Portland, Ogunquit, Wells and Kittery.  There are, of course, countless others.   Indeed, with over150 different waterfront localities to choose from, buyers have a range of options and prices from a few hundred thousand dollars to prices in the millions.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Condos in Maine: The Growing Trend for Millenials

Millenials are helping to change the real estate landscape in Maine and elsewhere. Many see the cost advantages to purchasing these products, lower overhead, less maintenance and often the opportunity to live in a mini-community where kids can play and adults can interact.  Maine is also attractive to millennials by virtue of the outdoor life that can be lived here; the serene shorelines, unobstructed green trails, lakes, all suited to hiking, kayaking, biking, even skiing and lots more.

Many reasons why living in a condo or smaller home is ideal.

Maine condos are cost-effective.

They are economical and more energy efficient.  In managed communities, the maintenance and often some part of the insurance is covered by the homeowner fees, that means fewer homeowner obligations and more time for fun.  Often, those who make Maine a summer residence will lease their units during the winter to generate an income.

When you search Maine real estate on Maine Companion, you’ll find Condos available in picturesque localities in Augusta, Bangor, Bar Harbor, Camden, Portland offering the variety of choices, styles, and amenities. I am sure one  will fit your budget.

More connectivity.

Shared green space, pools, and community centers; all promote social interaction.  Whether its Portland, Augusta, Bar Harbor, Belfast, Camden, Bangor or other towns, mini-communities are   given within the residential complex.


Most mini-communities tend to provide higher levels of security.  Neighbors are close-by.  Management is attuned.Turn your choice into a remarkably safe bet by considering a condo,  Maine Companion, and your agent will help you find the right one. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Time-saving Tips on Buying Waterfront Real Estate in Maine

Rightly nicknamed as the “Vacation Land”, Maine is the most prolific holiday destination for many, particular the Eastern US. Loved for its rocky coastline, rich inland water ecosystem, green forests and bush pockets, owning Belfast Maine Real Estate is a dream come true. 

If you are considering waterfront real estate property in Maine around the ocean front, lakes, rivers or islands, here’s a quick guide to help you find your dream house in shortest time.

Get Geographically Oriented:

Get a map of Maine. That is the easiest thing to do in the home hunting and searching phase. Maine offers some of the best summertime weather anywhere in the US, especially on the coast. People have been coming here to vacation in those summers since the days of the Rockefellers.  Call us @ 207-218-4000.

Like most states. Maine has pockets of affordable homes and areas where ultra-spectacular estates perch on the rugged coast.

The proximity to air transportation is often a plus.  The cities in Maine supporting scheduled air service are Portland, August, Bangor, Rockland and Bar Harbor. Despite its largely rugged geography, all parts of Maine are fairly well connected by roads.  And the winter road crews are terrific at keeping the things moving.

Be specific as to your property type and budget:

Generally, the closer one gets to the water, the higher the prices and, generally, the higher the taxes.  If you’re working on a budget, we’ll work with you to find specific areas where you’re likely to benefit from the highest value, or where to find that singular piece of property with all the whistles and bells. Generally, but not always, the further East one goes in the state the more reasonable the costs.  That said, multi-million dollar estates abound up and down the coast.  Our affiliated agents will find you exactly the right home to fit your lifestyle and needs.  Call us @ 207-218-4000.

Whether it’s a standing home or a property to build a home to your specific needs, we’re there to help. Call or email us, and we’ll help assess your needs then put you together with exactly the right agent to help make living in Maine the best years of your life.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Top 5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Lakeside House

Living by the lakeside in some of the most scenic locales is an enticing opportunity for buyers looking for a second home for vacation in Maine. It’s not only relaxing to live in a lakeside shoreline, it also gives you an alternative option to put up your house for rental as the vacation house for the tourists in the picturesque Maine. Not all lakeside properties could reap you the benefits you had imagined.

Keeping in mind your requirements, here are 5 never-miss pointers from Real Estate Portland Maine to help you make a decision on buying a lakeside house in Maine.

1. Location is everything 

Just like the coin, there are two sides of the lake property locations. Not all lakeside properties would offer the same level of connectivity and accessibility. Some might be even cut off from the mainland routes. Depending on your choice, you could look for a really isolated lakeside property on an island or between the forking rivers.

If you intend to turn the lakeside house into your vacation pad, opt for a location that is close to basic infrastructures like school, hospital, fire station and airport. 

2. Size and profitability 

The size of the property should not be the only thing buyers should focus on. Lakeside properties could be huge and sprawling over an area of 10,000 square, but still tagged at a price of US $ 100,000! Find the underlying reasons. It could be due to the tidal encroachment, corrosion from the neighbouring shorelines or infestation by swamps and animals. 

Your lakeside property should be big enough to hold your family and friends, but you should look out for elements that could turn your home into rubble in no time. 

3. Establish the foundation of the lakeside

It is best to buy a land or a lot from the lakeside associations who have listed the property on best Real Estate Portland Maine portals. Make a little effort in finding the base of your property. Is it on a muddy bottom or a rocky bottom? If you intend to have a dock or a boat house, check for options in the property for anchorage and fishing as well. 

4. Get quotation on insurance 

The biggest dilemma that most prospective lakeside buyers face is the part where they are left without any finance. The best lakeside communities also carry an undeniable risk of being struck by a catastrophe—landslide, floods, and leaching. 

Before getting a quotation on the lakeside house, insist on getting an inspection done by an escrow officer or an insurance provider. 

5. Maintenance is pricey and obvious 

Since you will be living in a persistently wet neighbourhood, the maintenance costs automatically add up. Only best-listed properties in Real Estate Portland Maine are ranked in the dry and low maintenance localities. Prices of fry properties overlooking quaint lakes and huge ponds are competitively high compared to those that are in the tidal zones. 

Make sure you have done your homework on the maintenance part that will arrive with the lakeside house.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Top 5 Tips on Finding the Best Real Estate Broker in Maine

The commercial and residential real estate markets in economic areas of Maine are fast catching up with the trends in the rest of the country. If you are planning to buy or lease a commercial or residential estate in Maine, finding a reliable agency or a brokerage firm can go a long way in safeguarding your interest in the financial decision.

Here are 5 tips on finding the best real estate brokers and agencies in Maine. 

1. Look for the insider news 

Best brokers are always the “Early birds” in the real estate market. With a limited number of properties going under sale in Maine, your chances of getting the best property in the Bar Harbor Maine Real Estate doubles up when you work with the broker who has the “insider news” on fresh properties, and yet to is listed plots. 

More information a broker has about the area and the listed property, higher are the chances of getting the best out of the real estate deal. 

2. Expertise in multiple housing types 

A real estate broker in Maine with reputable name works on multiple housing types ranging from the single room apartments to multi-storeyed bungalows and row houses. Larger the portfolio of the agent in Bar Harbor Maine Real Estate, greater the visibility of the property in the market. 

3. Look out for consistency in service and representation 

As a home buyer or a tenant in Maine, you should look out for agents or brokers who exclusively represent tenant and consistently work with them in searching the most affordable options. It could be difficult to locate such a broker in major cities in Maine, the best real estate brokerage firms offer exclusive tenancy and buyer representation, which is completely separated from the band representing the sellers.

4. Geographical reach

Size matters, and so does the span. Greater the span of the business of a particular real estate broker, higher is your chance of getting your dream house in time. Maine is a rather big state to be handled by a single broker alone. However, best real estate brokers in Maine have multiple bases and offices spread across the different parts of the city catering to the needs of the residents looking for the house in Augusta, Belfast, Camden, Bar Harbor, Islesboro, Lincolnville Slab City, and Tremont.

Whether you prefer a house in mainland Maine or in the island groups, a reputed Bar Harbor Maine Real Estate developer, and the broker will lead you exclusively to the projects that fit your lifestyle, budget, and comfort.

5. Online reputation and reviews

Best brokers and agencies have the wide-scale online presence, showcasing their listed property with pictures, buyer’s testimonials and other critical property-related info. As a buyer, you can easily narrow down your property search by adding filters on location, price, and type of house, without any manual intervention.

Longer the list of properties online, higher are your chances of finding your dream house in Maine. Make it a point to visit the broker online website to further connect with the sales team, and start your site inspection right away without wasting any time.


Top 5 Tips on Buying Maine Waterfront Real Estate Property

Maine is a star-studded destination for new home buyers from different parts of the country and abroad. Thanks to its magical geography and long shoreline, the state is blessed to have a long list of property buyers who are always willing to get their hands on the best Belfast Maine Real Estate properties.

Here are 5 undeniable smart questions to ask your Maine real estate broker.

1 Does the waterfront property fall in the purview of improvement and development plan of the local governing body? 

Most real estate localities located along the shores of the Maine’s rivers, lakes, wetlands and seas are recognised by the federal body’s Shoreland Zoning Act’1971 which prevents the development of the shoreline beyond a certain area.
In such cases, it is best to stick to Belfast Maine Real Estate properties in popular localities in Maine, as they are approved for both development and improvement. 

2 What are the conforming parameters to declare a property safe near waterfront?

Any land that is at least 250 feet away from the main shoreline is classified as waterfront property. In the case of the high water line, the tidal areas and marshes are also accounted for, which could push back the waterfront property by more than 10 acres. Check out the wash areas around the water bodies to verify if your interest lies in the safe zone. Call us @  207-218-4000.

3 What is the area under setbacks and the buffer zones

Buying a waterfront Belfast Maine Real Estate property has its own set of researchers. Set the pace with the best real estate companions in Maine who understand and follow the restrictive standards in Setbacks and Buffered zones for areas in close proximity to major water bodies. 

Setbacks protect the property from getting corroded or lynched by the coastal features and vegetation. In terms of coastal development, the larger the setback area, greater is the scope of redevelopment, in case the shoreline remains steady and does not change due to uncontrollable reasons.

4 Are their height restrictions in the property?

In case you wish to develop the waterfront property into a multi-storeyed building, you should always get it checked. For structures close to ponds, big lakes, and oceans, the maximum height allowed on the new or existing structure is 35 feet. It is measured from the downhill side of the building right up to the peak of the roof. 

In Maine, the first floor of any building is constructed at least 1 feet above the average flood line, measured for the last 100 years.  

Based on these questions, you can choose some of the best waterfront real estate localities in Maine listed as below:

* Most popular localities

# Bar Harbor      # Tremont        # Brooklin        # Lincolnville        # Camden          # Rockport 

# Rockland        # Ash Point      # Belfast         # Searsport           # Brunswick           # Freeport

* Less popular ones

# Sabattus        # Lewiston       # Raymond (Sebago Lake)                 # Bridgton        # Harrison 

# South Paris     # Sumner         # Canton 

With over 150 different waterfront localities to choose from, new home buyers can ensure both safety and profit by asking the right questions to the brokers. For more detail click here

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Honeymoon Condos in Maine: The Growing Trend for New-Age Home Buyers

Marriage is a special event in life, and as a worthy milestone to commemorate it, most buyers are heading to Maine. The serene beachlines, unobstructed green trails and the fresh burst of lake-side view all these make Maine a prolific Augusta Maine Real Estate destination for newly married couples looking to celebrate their honeymoon in their fully owned paradise. 

With all the special localities to vouch for, here are 7 reasons why living in a condo in Maine real estate paradise is such a cool idea! 

1. Maine condos are cost-effective proposition 

If you are yet to plan for a family, getting a condo in Maine is a remarkable cost-effective venture. Honeymoon condos are the practical option if you live in some other State and only wish to visit the paradise in Maine neighbourhoods during vacation. When you don’t live here, putting up Maine condo on rent or on the monthly mortgage is another suitable option for honeymooners who are looking for smart income alternatives.

2. Full privacy and estate management 

Condos available in picturesque localities in Augusta, Bangor, Bar Harbor, Camden and Portland offer a truly exotic living choice. You can have your own swimming pool, tailored garden space and painted fences to add style to your outdoor space. All these without compromising on your privacy. Each condo neighbourhood listed in ME Real Estate have personnel manager to handle the estate maintenance and privacy. 

3. More bonding time, with superior connectivity 

Don’t let the choice of picking a condo in outskirts of Maine affect your daily life. Best honeymoon condos are only 20 miles away from proper infrastructure hubs in the state. An inexpensive option for newly wedded couples, you will get more bonding time, traveling on the perfectly laid roads across greenery and bushy plains.

Best condos listed in Augusta Maine Real Estate and Portland are located very close to business centres and public utility establishments. A top housing choice for young birds, explore more areas of bonding in Maine with a condo base across the Interstate Highway 95 and 295.

4. Condo security from natural disasters and crime

Turn your choice into a remarkable safe bet by availing condos in some of the most secured locations in Brunswick, Pennellville, Bremen, Wiscasset and Bar Harbor. Despite being stuck regularly by hurricanes and cold waves from the north, the condos listed in Portland, ME Real Estate portfolio is ranked among the safest dens to live in.

In terms of civilian safety, the condos are located in some of the safest neighbourhoods where the crime rate is as low as 3 percent! 

5. Live like a Royal

As a newly wedded couple, you would be frequently visited by the friends and relatives. Gain unimaginable appreciation from your loved ones on the choice of picking a condo house over the multi-storeyed apartment in Maine. From fully functional living space to self-sustainable amenities, pick top listed condos on Augusta Maine Real Estate.

A great start to your married life, honeymoon condos in Maine give an ultra-modern dimension to your lifestyle.

Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Real Estate Agent in Maine during a Property Search

When it comes to buying a house in Maine, there are many things that you should keep in mind. If you are a first-time buyer, the importance of asking the right set of questions grows even further. In most cases, the way an agent answers your issues can save you a lot of trouble during and after buying the real estate property in Maine. 

Here are 5 questions that buyers in Maine should ask prospective Real Estate Portland Maine agents.

1. How long have you been in Maine real estate market?

It is the most obvious question to ask an agent in Maine, considering there are many sellers in Maine who network only with the best in the market. Longer the agent has been with the prominent home builders in Maine, stronger will be the reputation. In Maine, there are more than 50 different real estate property types that require extensive portfolio management. Call us @  207-218-4000.

An experience of at least five years is what you should be looking for. Link it with the agent’s statistics and you will have a clear picture of what you can expect from the listings.

2. Are the properties listed on the market?

The best Real Estate Portland Maine agents in Maine dealing in listed properties help in building a strong reputation in the market. The properties listed in the market help in ensuring a long-term economic viability, when compared to the direct sellable properties. 

Moreover, if the properties are listed on the market, a buyer can have more comparable options from across the locations. Better visibility of a real estate property automatically reflects the reputation of the agent linked to them.

3. How long does it take to seal the deal? 

If the property meets a buyer’s requirement, the agent should be able to close the deal as soon as possible. The prospective unit in Maine can have multiple buyers vouching for it. The mode of communication used by agents in Maine proves to be an incentive when you are looking for a quick deal. Call us @  207-218-4000.

4. How well versed are you with Home financing options in Maine?

A real estate agent who is well versed with the nuances of home loans and other financial alternatives can generously help a buyer own a real estate property in Maine. Best Real Estate Portland Maine agents secure a favourable home loan earned from a trustful lender without any delays, to prevent the deal from falling apart. Depending on the skills of the real estate agents, the buyer can make a proposal based on the anticipated interest rate.

5. How long has the real estate property been on the list?

The faster the real estate property sells, the shorter will be its downtime on the Portland, ME Real Estate agents’ listing. There could be many reasons for the flawless projections and statistics. One of them is the final price quoted against the quality of the properties listed with the agent. If the list of unsold real estate properties is long, it is a Red Flag for the buyer.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Top 5 Time-saving Tips on Buying Waterfront Real Estate in Maine

Rightly nicknamed as the “Vacation Land”, Maine is the most prolific holiday destination for southern dwellers in the USA. Loved for its rocky coastline, rich inland water ecosystem, green forests and bush pockets, buying real estate in Maine is a dreamy experience.
If you are planning to buy real estate property in Maine around the ocean front, lakes, rivers or on islands, here is a quick guide to help you find your dream house in shortest time.

1. Evaluate the geography

Get a map of Maine. That is the easiest thing to do in the home hunting and searching phase. Being the northernmost state in the USA, its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the North Pole makes it a chilly area. The extensive shoreline that is nearly 3500 miles long has just 2 percent of what can be called as inhabitable. 
If you are planning a shoreline property, get to the areas that fall under this percentage.

2. Seek specific information on the waterfront areas

Southern Maine is more popular when it comes to choosing a waterfront real estate. Areas dotting the Acadia National Park in Bar Harbour, St; John Valley and Moosehead Lake locality are considered as safe for buying a real estate, but require extensive paperwork for approval to build and maintain a house close to the water bodies.
The popular areas you can look into are West Quoddy Head, Portland, Waterville, Bangor, Belfast, and Camden Maine Real Estate For Sale.

3. Get close to the infrastructure

Despite its largely rugged geography, all parts of Maine are fairly well connected by rail, road, and waterways. Prices of property near the Portland International Jetport and Bangor International Airport automatically make them the top commercial housing locales in the state. Moreover, it is convenient to have a base in Portland and Bangor due to the extensive highway connectivity through Maine right up to Central Canada.
In Portland, areas around the Cumberland Avenue, Eastern Promenade, Baxter Boulevard and Back Cove are considered as the most exclusive waterfront real estate properties in Maine.

4. Be specific to your property type

In Maine, you have all the options you can possibly think of when it comes to buying a real estate property. Real estate agents in Maine offer extensive range of property types-
Commercial office
Mobile home/ multi-family
Long-term rentals and vacation house
Land and resale plots

5. Filter the size of the property

Closer it gets to the waterfront bodies, higher are your chances of owning a bigger unit. In areas closer to the lakes, you can contact an agent to match your specific needs and lifestyle with the most suitable properties available.  
If you are looking for a vacation pad for your family and friends, get hold of a Maine waterfront property in the even quicker way by connecting with leading Maine companion agents who follow building regulations required to meet the safety standards of waterfront homes and properties.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Top 5 Best Vacation House Localities in Maine

Maine is an unforgettable destination for most visitors. If you are planning to buy a house in Maine to entertain guests and open up a small rental business along the prominent shorelines and wetlands, here is your wonderful opportunity. With over 150 different localities to choose from, we bring you the top 5 Maine vacation house localities that you would love to explore with real estate companions.

1. Bar Harbor

A serene beachside locality with the cool burst of greenery and fresh oceanic breeze, Bar Harbor is home to some of the most iconic beachside resorts and safari-styled cottages in Maine. Located on the eastern side of the Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor Real Estate is known for its highly affordable pricing model, where smart buyers can get large sized villas, apartments, and vacation condos at enticing prices. 
In Bar Harbor, large sized condos are listed with best real estate managers within a price tag of USD 250,000. 

2. Kennebunkport 

With just over 13000 people living in the town, Kennebunkport is also called as the “Town of English Condos” in the Maine real estate market. Inundated by the Mousam River, it is one of the most well-connected towns thanks to proper links in the form of IS 95, Route 9A and Route 35. 
Adjacent towns that could also fit into the vacation house search are Alfred, Lyman, and Sanford, where condo pricing is anywhere between USD 267,000 and USD 310,000.

3. Portland 

Maine’s largest city is also the most preferred real estate venture for vacation home buyers in the USA. According to Bar Harbor Real estate agent, the best places to explore your real estate ventures are Back Cove, Rosemont, Bradley’s Corner, Stroudwater, the West End and Deering Centre.
The best vacation house condos are available in post localities of Portland at premium prices of USD 450,000 and upwards with all upscale amenities and self-sustainable resources fitted into it.

4. Chebeague Island

Located in Casco Bay just 10 miles north of Portland, Chebeague Island is a rather unrestrained locality in the state with vacation houses available mostly in the Bar Harbor, ME Real estate segment. With just over 350 people living on the island in 180-odd houses, if you are looking for privacy with an upscale luxury at your doorstep and within, Chebeague Island properties are most likable options for new home buyers.
Depending on the size of the property you are looking for, the houses for sale here start at USD 300,000 and could go up to a scale of USD 1,600,000 spanning across 3600 square feet.

5. Monhegan

Who would not love to explore the smutty plantations of Maine, away from the hustle bustle of the mainland melodrama! Monhegan real estate trends accommodate prolific vacation house buyers who wish to get lost in the green zone. With absolutely no trace of modern day transportation—car, bike or bicycle, Monhegan is an apt nature’s escape with only a handful of properties listed with best real estate dealers dealing in vacation houses.
Join the Bar Harbor Real Estate community and get all the feeds on best localities for your vacation house in 2016-2017.