Monday, 29 August 2016

Top 5 Time-saving Tips on Buying Waterfront Real Estate in Maine

Rightly nicknamed as the “Vacation Land”, Maine is the most prolific holiday destination for southern dwellers in the USA. Loved for its rocky coastline, rich inland water ecosystem, green forests and bush pockets, buying real estate in Maine is a dreamy experience.
If you are planning to buy real estate property in Maine around the ocean front, lakes, rivers or on islands, here is a quick guide to help you find your dream house in shortest time.

1. Evaluate the geography

Get a map of Maine. That is the easiest thing to do in the home hunting and searching phase. Being the northernmost state in the USA, its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the North Pole makes it a chilly area. The extensive shoreline that is nearly 3500 miles long has just 2 percent of what can be called as inhabitable. 
If you are planning a shoreline property, get to the areas that fall under this percentage.

2. Seek specific information on the waterfront areas

Southern Maine is more popular when it comes to choosing a waterfront real estate. Areas dotting the Acadia National Park in Bar Harbour, St; John Valley and Moosehead Lake locality are considered as safe for buying a real estate, but require extensive paperwork for approval to build and maintain a house close to the water bodies.
The popular areas you can look into are West Quoddy Head, Portland, Waterville, Bangor, Belfast, and Camden Maine Real Estate For Sale.

3. Get close to the infrastructure

Despite its largely rugged geography, all parts of Maine are fairly well connected by rail, road, and waterways. Prices of property near the Portland International Jetport and Bangor International Airport automatically make them the top commercial housing locales in the state. Moreover, it is convenient to have a base in Portland and Bangor due to the extensive highway connectivity through Maine right up to Central Canada.
In Portland, areas around the Cumberland Avenue, Eastern Promenade, Baxter Boulevard and Back Cove are considered as the most exclusive waterfront real estate properties in Maine.

4. Be specific to your property type

In Maine, you have all the options you can possibly think of when it comes to buying a real estate property. Real estate agents in Maine offer extensive range of property types-
Commercial office
Mobile home/ multi-family
Long-term rentals and vacation house
Land and resale plots

5. Filter the size of the property

Closer it gets to the waterfront bodies, higher are your chances of owning a bigger unit. In areas closer to the lakes, you can contact an agent to match your specific needs and lifestyle with the most suitable properties available.  
If you are looking for a vacation pad for your family and friends, get hold of a Maine waterfront property in the even quicker way by connecting with leading Maine companion agents who follow building regulations required to meet the safety standards of waterfront homes and properties.

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