Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Top 4 Things To Look For While Buying A House In Camden Maine’s Top Localities

Are you all set to make your first purchase in real estate? Maine, undoubtedly, has grown to become one of the best destinations in the USA. Lakeside condos, beach villas, and city apartments, one could get all here. Camden ME Real Estate is full of exclusive housing options, with reasonable expectations in term of price appreciation in coming years. Maine reflects the power of increasing purchasing capabilities, evidently reflected through the choices that most buyers are making. More than 40% of Maine residents have two or more houses in the region, one of these homes are reserved as seasonal pads. However, buying is easy, maintaining is hard. At least, that’s what most Maine buyers acknowledge.

Here are 4 simple tips to tap the growing love for Camden Maine homes, and buy a property with best returns.

1. Focus on the locality:

Cleanliness is the biggest factor behind why most buyers choose Maine, as their base. However, city dwellers, as expected, suffer the ordeal of garbage, and littered packets during the mornings. Similarly, lakeside property owners face the ordeal of the post-vacation garbage slurry accumulating on the banks. You must ensure that the locality has a proper cleanliness management system, run by associations. It’s not just the inside of your new house that should sparkle, but also the area around it.

2. Modular kitchen and bedrooms:

In Camden, ME Real Estate, it is a standard option for most buyers to put their money into a property that has an area of about 2500 square feet. However, these houses have small bedrooms, modular kitchens, and attached bathrooms. If you are used to living in big bedrooms, you might have to tweak the planning a little. 

3. Embrace Solar:

The eco-friendly homes in Maine are a big hit. Most houses, old and new alike, are laced with solar panels to supply energy for electricity, heating water, and even cooking. Solar homes, as they are called in Maine, might cost a little extra, as part of the initial investment, you are going to save a lot more in the coming years for sure. 

Another reason, Camden, ME Real Estate agents recommend buying a solar house, is its tax exemption benefits. Owners who have solar energy heating systems can earn up to 30% uncapped federal tax credit; apart from winning solar incentives and rebates. Maine’s Home Energy Loans are very popular funding solutions, aiding buyers to utilize the opportunity lucratively.

4. Painting and exterior:

The first thing that a buyer will see in the house is painting and the quality of exterior. If the paint is peeling, and evident cracks show up like vines, it is not worth a look. Best Boothbay, ME real estate advisors work extra hard on ensuring that the house looks clean, beautiful and presentable. In case, you do see that the house has been painted recently, always enquire the last time it was done. 

Instead of buying an old single house, pick a new construction offered in the suburban areas. You can customize the whole interior depending on your needs. Plus, you get a house with modular settings. 

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