Sunday, 4 September 2016

Honeymoon Condos in Maine: The Growing Trend for New-Age Home Buyers

Marriage is a special event in life, and as a worthy milestone to commemorate it, most buyers are heading to Maine. The serene beachlines, unobstructed green trails and the fresh burst of lake-side view all these make Maine a prolific Augusta Maine Real Estate destination for newly married couples looking to celebrate their honeymoon in their fully owned paradise. 

With all the special localities to vouch for, here are 7 reasons why living in a condo in Maine real estate paradise is such a cool idea! 

1. Maine condos are cost-effective proposition 

If you are yet to plan for a family, getting a condo in Maine is a remarkable cost-effective venture. Honeymoon condos are the practical option if you live in some other State and only wish to visit the paradise in Maine neighbourhoods during vacation. When you don’t live here, putting up Maine condo on rent or on the monthly mortgage is another suitable option for honeymooners who are looking for smart income alternatives.

2. Full privacy and estate management 

Condos available in picturesque localities in Augusta, Bangor, Bar Harbor, Camden and Portland offer a truly exotic living choice. You can have your own swimming pool, tailored garden space and painted fences to add style to your outdoor space. All these without compromising on your privacy. Each condo neighbourhood listed in ME Real Estate have personnel manager to handle the estate maintenance and privacy. 

3. More bonding time, with superior connectivity 

Don’t let the choice of picking a condo in outskirts of Maine affect your daily life. Best honeymoon condos are only 20 miles away from proper infrastructure hubs in the state. An inexpensive option for newly wedded couples, you will get more bonding time, traveling on the perfectly laid roads across greenery and bushy plains.

Best condos listed in Augusta Maine Real Estate and Portland are located very close to business centres and public utility establishments. A top housing choice for young birds, explore more areas of bonding in Maine with a condo base across the Interstate Highway 95 and 295.

4. Condo security from natural disasters and crime

Turn your choice into a remarkable safe bet by availing condos in some of the most secured locations in Brunswick, Pennellville, Bremen, Wiscasset and Bar Harbor. Despite being stuck regularly by hurricanes and cold waves from the north, the condos listed in Portland, ME Real Estate portfolio is ranked among the safest dens to live in.

In terms of civilian safety, the condos are located in some of the safest neighbourhoods where the crime rate is as low as 3 percent! 

5. Live like a Royal

As a newly wedded couple, you would be frequently visited by the friends and relatives. Gain unimaginable appreciation from your loved ones on the choice of picking a condo house over the multi-storeyed apartment in Maine. From fully functional living space to self-sustainable amenities, pick top listed condos on Augusta Maine Real Estate.

A great start to your married life, honeymoon condos in Maine give an ultra-modern dimension to your lifestyle.

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