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Top 5 Tips on Buying Maine Waterfront Real Estate Property

Maine is a star-studded destination for new home buyers from different parts of the country and abroad. Thanks to its magical geography and long shoreline, the state is blessed to have a long list of property buyers who are always willing to get their hands on the best Belfast Maine Real Estate properties.

Here are 5 undeniable smart questions to ask your Maine real estate broker.

1 Does the waterfront property fall in the purview of improvement and development plan of the local governing body? 

Most real estate localities located along the shores of the Maine’s rivers, lakes, wetlands and seas are recognised by the federal body’s Shoreland Zoning Act’1971 which prevents the development of the shoreline beyond a certain area.
In such cases, it is best to stick to Belfast Maine Real Estate properties in popular localities in Maine, as they are approved for both development and improvement. 

2 What are the conforming parameters to declare a property safe near waterfront?

Any land that is at least 250 feet away from the main shoreline is classified as waterfront property. In the case of the high water line, the tidal areas and marshes are also accounted for, which could push back the waterfront property by more than 10 acres. Check out the wash areas around the water bodies to verify if your interest lies in the safe zone. Call us @  207-218-4000.

3 What is the area under setbacks and the buffer zones

Buying a waterfront Belfast Maine Real Estate property has its own set of researchers. Set the pace with the best real estate companions in Maine who understand and follow the restrictive standards in Setbacks and Buffered zones for areas in close proximity to major water bodies. 

Setbacks protect the property from getting corroded or lynched by the coastal features and vegetation. In terms of coastal development, the larger the setback area, greater is the scope of redevelopment, in case the shoreline remains steady and does not change due to uncontrollable reasons.

4 Are their height restrictions in the property?

In case you wish to develop the waterfront property into a multi-storeyed building, you should always get it checked. For structures close to ponds, big lakes, and oceans, the maximum height allowed on the new or existing structure is 35 feet. It is measured from the downhill side of the building right up to the peak of the roof. 

In Maine, the first floor of any building is constructed at least 1 feet above the average flood line, measured for the last 100 years.  

Based on these questions, you can choose some of the best waterfront real estate localities in Maine listed as below:

* Most popular localities

# Bar Harbor      # Tremont        # Brooklin        # Lincolnville        # Camden          # Rockport 

# Rockland        # Ash Point      # Belfast         # Searsport           # Brunswick           # Freeport

* Less popular ones

# Sabattus        # Lewiston       # Raymond (Sebago Lake)                 # Bridgton        # Harrison 

# South Paris     # Sumner         # Canton 

With over 150 different waterfront localities to choose from, new home buyers can ensure both safety and profit by asking the right questions to the brokers. For more detail click here

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