Thursday, 5 January 2017

5 Things To Ask Your Agent Before Buying A Home in Augusta Maine

To deal with the ever-growing real estate market, buyers and sellers of the property have to be at their best when it comes to awareness and cunningness. How to gain massive traction in a sector where trends and reputation matter a lot? 

To make things easy for you, we bring you 5 ‘clever’ things to ask your Augusta Maine Real Estate agents before buying a house.

1. Why is the house owner selling?

Most prospective Augusta, Maine Real Estate buyers fail to ask this question due to fear of being embarrassed. However, you might always seek cues from the agent on what are the possible reasons for the current seller to come to a situation where he/she has to sell the property. If the real estate agent is reluctant to answer, don’t worry. You can do a little research yourself. The neighborhood around the property is the best place to start with.

2. Is there something the buyer would like to say about the house related to its history or background?

Ask the agent if the house was ever affected by a flood, earthquake, fire or any other calamity or instance in the past. It makes things easy to manage when the buyer actually starts living in the house.

Augusta ME Real Estate agents have to deal with many sellers who have properties in flood plains. Such properties attract buyers from all parts of the country as they are cheap and readily available. Ideal for the tourist vacation homes, these properties can be a ‘trouble’ as well, especially if the area has not submerged under water in last few years. 

3. Is the house/ neighborhood haunted?

Maine is a great place to live. However, many families stick to the city areas in Maine where houses are stacked close to each other. In distant parts of the country, the closest house around the property could be n a radius of 3 miles or more! 

Seek information on the neighborhood of the property. Are there any instances of crime or haunted experiences in the past? 

4. What are the parts of the house that are on sale?

Asking this question can save you from obvious trouble later on. The garden that you see in the front may look attractive to you. What if, the area is not for sale! And how about that lovely garage shed and the anchorage on the lake? Are they part of the sale? Sit with the Portland ME real estate agency and it to make a list of things that the buyer is offering on paper. 

5. How old is the house?

Know the facts and you will know how many owners the house had in the past. Make sure the names are mentioned in the land documents related to the property. Contact each of them to make thing clear before buying. 

Best thing to do is get a real estate agent do it for you. Not only is it effective but also time-saving and smart. However, it all depends on the kind of ‘clever’ questions you ask the agent.

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